How may I be of assistance?

The driving force in my practice is my desire to use the skills and gifts I've been blessed with to help others achieve greater outcomes in their lives.

Whether a client comes for insight into their life purpose or are seeking change in a behavioral area (smoking, weight loss, anxiety, fears & phobias, etc.), my goal is to have my work help each client live as the highest version of themselves.

My personal experience with being significantly overweight has given me empathy & insight that when combined with the VGB protocol have proven to be life changing for my weigh loss clients.

If you’d like to have a conversation about the ways that the work I do could be helpful to you, please contact me!  

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Eric Webster, Lifestyle Engineer
I was excited to talk with Kim Carson on WZZM-13's My West Michigan about the work I do with non-surgical weight loss as a Lifestyle Engineer and Hypnotherapist.