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For your own safety, do not listen to any of these recordings while driving or operating machinery.

Chakra Affirmations for Strengthening and Healing with a video backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean


Here's an audio only version of the Chakra Affirmations Recording:

Theater of the Mind: Forgiveness


NEW RECORDING COMING SOON.  (I listened to this one recently, and was very unhappy with what I heard. :)

A forgiveness exercise that I've worked with for the last 10+ years. I've found it to be powerful and effective...I would go so far as to say that in my life, it has been transformational.

Click Here to read a Blog Post I wrote based on my personal experience with this meditation.

Stress Reduction/Relaxation

A little stress isn't necessarily a bad thing, but like almost anything else, too much can make it become an issue. If you've been feeling a bit stretched thin, or if you're finding yourself becoming short tempered...take a few minutes to listen to this recording.

Forgiveness: The Cutaway Meditation

I have done a lot of work in the area of forgiveness, for myself and others. In fact, I am so convinced that there is transformational power in forgiveness, that I present workshops around that topic. This is one of many tools I've used over the years. It's an 11 minute meditation that guides you through the process of cutting away people and situations so that healing can begin.