Hypnosis? Can I be hypnotized….?

There are many thoughts about Lifestyle Engineering/Hypnosis, about whether a particular person can or cannot be Hypnotized, and whether Lifestyle Engineering/Hypnosis can be an impactful solution for whatever behaviors changes you are seeking.

For my part, I’ve never met an individual who could not be easily taken into a hypnotic state.  Not ONE.  Further, I believe that each day, each of us experience the level of brain wave that I actively take my clients to, all by ourselves. 


At a minimum, each night, just as you drift off to sleep, and each morning as you are starting to awaken from sleep, you pass through that level of mind naturally and easily.   Sometimes as we are driving, watching a movie, reading a book, listening to music, we can also be transported to this same level of mind.

Working with me, it’s a controlled environment where the important outcomes you are desiring can be co-created.  Nothing bad can happen!  Your subconscious mind is the gatekeeper, and will not accept any hypnotic suggestion that is not compatible with your values.


This process uses relaxation techniques and mind management to help you achieve outcomes that you desire.

There are very few behavioral issues that cannot be positively impacted in this way.

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There are lots of inaccurate beliefs about Hypnosis! Let’s talk!

There are lots of inaccurate beliefs about Hypnosis! Let’s talk!

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