Return with me now to yesteryear….

It seems that the most common understanding people have about regression, is past-life regression.  Yes, I work with my clients who want past-life regression, and have found that it can provide some context and a deeper understanding of their current life, beliefs, fears and tendencies.

But that type of regression, is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the ways regression can be powerful in a person’s life.

For example, I worked with a client who came with quite a severe eating disorder.  We regressed her past the event in her life that had triggered the unwanted behavior.  While we were in the space prior to the onset, we created some alternative neuro pathways (alternative stories) of how that event might have played differently and ended in a more positive way.

For smokers, sometimes it’s helpful take them back to that 1st puff on a cigarette, where they can re-experience that light headedness (which is a first sign of oxygen deprivation and impending death) J , to that horrible taste in their mouth, to the cough as their body tried to warn them that smoking was a really bad idea. 

Like every situation I help clients to re-set or overcome, I’m happy to have a conversation about how the work I do would fit into helping you get to the version of you you’ve been seeking, or how by working together we can help you overcome behaviors you no longer want.


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