Lifestyle Engineering Services

At the invitation of Sheila Granger, Dave, Eric and Jody joined forces to form
Lifestyle Engineering Services as the only entity in the world (*other than Sheila Granger)
approved to provide Lifestyle Engineer Certification Training
for those who wish to learn some life-changing skills and protocols
to help their client achieve their desired outcomes.
Additionally our services will bring many ancillary skills,
business building tools and coaching to our trainees.  

 Dr. Dave HIllis 

Dr. Dave HIllis 

Lifestyle Engineer

As a person who has spent much of his life on a mission of helping others to live as the highest version of themselves, Dr. Dave Hillis has studied and trained in a remarkable number of areas that have given him an enormous skillset and toolbox that he utilizes with clients, in classrooms and in every area of his life.

Dr. Dave holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics, is trained as a National Registry Paramedic, Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and is a Medical Intuitive.  Dr. Dave was also instrumental in bringing Sheila Granger from the United Kingdom to West Michigan, and was in the 1st very small group of people in the world to obtain Certification as a LifeStyle Engineer®.  He holds certification with the Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the United Kingdom and many other similar accreditation bodies.   In 2015, Dr. Dave and his business partner, Eric Webster joined with Sheila Granger to become the only Licensed LifeStyle Engineer® Certification Trainers world wide.

Addition, in the practice he founded, Dolphin Healing Hands, he combines the skills and modalities he’s gathered over the years including 18-years in the mental health field, 12- years in emergency medicine and 15-years in massage therapy to help his clients overcome a wide range of physical, mental and emotional challenges utilizing medical, metaphysical and energy therapies to achieve outstanding outcomes. 

A LifeStyle Engineer® facilitates healing of the client’s past, they work to empower the present and help them bring into being, the life of their own design. Lifestyle Engineering® aims to facilitate rapid, sustainable change, to identify and release unresolved conflicts or factors beyond conscious awareness. The resulting improvement in health, motivation, self-confidence, emotional stability, pain relief, creativity, performance levels and habit control are targeted to be life transformational.

One of Dr. Dave's greatest passions is working with people and connecting them with their highest versions of themselves. In the field of Energy Therapy, he has been trained in the following; Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch, Quantum Healing and Angel Medicine.  Dr. Dave is also a Reiki Master who has had the privilege of training over 300 Reiki Practitioners.  He’s a Seichim Master, Akashic Records Consultant/Trainer and Lightarian Ray Attunement Facilitator.  A great portion of Dr. Dave's practice is performed energetically via distance healing.

Dr. Dave has helped individuals and groups step into better lives, obtain clarity around the causation of the challenges in their lives, and then overcome them.  He regularly provides educational programs and training that many participants have told him are life changing.

Dr. Dave can be reached at:
231-769-0818 or
His website is:




 Eric Webster

Eric Webster

Lifestyle Engineer 

Eric was internationally trained in the first, carefully selected group in the world to become Lifestyle Engineers™.  Eric holds credentials with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the United Kingdom.

And now, due to his success, Shelia Granger has invited him to join her, business partners Dr. Dave Hillis & Jody Morris as the only people in the world to be Lifestyle Engineer™ Certification Trainers.  This training division operates as Lifestyle Engineering Services, LLC. 

In his work with clients, Eric helps them enjoy success in weight loss, (utilizing the Virtual Gastric Band), smoking cessation, sleep patter reset, chewing tobacco, academic performance, fears and phobias, teeth grinding/jaw clenching to name a few.  Many of his clients have been referred from past clients, and area dentists. 

In their work together, Eric helps his clients discover the underlying causative factors and deeply held thoughts and beliefs that have led to unwanted behaviors.  He helps them redefine their situation and achieve the outcome they desire.

He’s passionate about helping clients step out of worn out patterns and programs, and now will bring that same zeal into the training of other practitioners to achieve similar results with their clients. 

Eric is also a Reiki Master, blog writer, Akashic Record Consultant.  He presents classes and teleclasses on a variety of topics.

He and his wife, Elizabeth live on a farm, south of Grand Rapids where dozens of horses, donkeys, llamas, goats, dogs and more call Hotel Caledonia Home.  He’s the father of two wonderful adults and enjoys great food and drink, beautiful music, big water and friends.

Eric can be reached at 616-259-0204,
His website is:

 Jody Morris

Jody Morris

Lifestyle Engineer

With a mind for business and a heart for service, Jody has been honing and enhancing her skills for many years.

With a long career in health related positions, it was natural for her to become a Reiki Practitioner over 20-years ago and to obtain her Master Attunement more recently. 

When Sheila Granger offered Lifestyle Engineering Certification training , she added hypnotherapy to her skill set in 2013.

Her clients have enjoyed great success in overcoming behavioral challenges they’d lived with for far too long. 

Now she’s bringing all of that experience into the training arena, joining with her business partners in Lifestyle Engineering Services to provide Certification Training, business development and growth training and a whole realm of programs designed to not only give the participants the skills they need to do the actual sessions, but to develop a sustainable practice.

Jody can be reached at 231-883-2834, her e-mail is

~About the certification training~

It's been several years since Lifestyle Engineer Certification Training has been offered in the US.  Now, with our exclusive licensing agreement, Lifestyle Engineering Services is excited to announce that the 1st week of October, 2017, people wanting to add the powerful skillsets offered will be able to obtain that training and certification in Grand Rapids Michigan.

The Level I training that will take place between Sunday, October 1 and Friday, October 6 will take you from wherever you currently are relative to Hypnotherapy to being fully ready and able to add those services to your practice.  There will be subsequent Level II and Level III trainings offered that are required to become Accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the United Kingdom.

During this intensive week of training, you will listen to the concepts of a wide variety of protocols, each protocol will be demonstrated by Dave, Eric or Jody, and then with a partner, you will take turns delivering and receiving the sessions.  It's incredibly powerful, when in a matter of the 1st hour of training you can go from "can I really do this?" to "Holy Toledo, I just did that!".

Included in the Lifestyle Engineer Certification is training for delivering Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band Procedure.  If you are not familiar with it, it is a powerful weight loss program that has proven to be exceptionally successful in clinical trials in the United Kingdom.  

If you have been thinking that it's time to add some tools to your toolbox, or if the power of the mind has been a topic that has captivated you, here's your chance to join a very small, carefully selected and trained individuals who call themselves Lifestyle Engineers.

Contact us if you'd like additional information, or to register to join us in October.

~Additional training and services~ 

  • The Lifestyle Engineer Certification will also provide Certification for the Virtual Gastric Band (weight loss protocol created by Sheila Granger).
  • Many more aspects of starting and enhancing your Lifestyle Engineer Practice will be discussed.
  • Future trainings will include Akashic Record, Technology in your sessions and to create professional support recordings, Marketing & Social Media and much more.
  • For participants in our training, we will be offering ongoing mentoring and support, website packages and electronic equipment packages.
  • We hope to become your one-stop location for training and business building tools.

Click Here to view our schedule or to reserve your place.