About Me

When I was in the restaurant business back in the 70's, a management trainee shared Jose Silva's book "The Silva Mind Control Method" with me.  It caused me to become even more fascinated with the power of the mind.

To test the lessons of the book, I used the Silva Method to 'program my mind' so that I would wake up 30-minutes earlier than normal, would roll out of bed in a great mood (which would have been a departure from the norm at that point), and that I would find myself whistling "Dixie" as I shaved. One morning, shortly after reading the book, I found myself whistling "Dixie" while I was shaving and realized that I'd gotten exactly what I'd intended. What a powerful moment!

I've spent years exploring a wide variety of modalities, adding skills and tools in preparation for launching my private practice.  The driving force in that practice is my overwhelming desire to be of service, to use the skills and gifts I've been blessed with to help others achieve greater outcomes for themselves.

It is my hope that whether a client comes for insight into their life and direction, or help with any sort of behavioral challenge (smoking, weight loss, anxiety, fears & phobias, etc.) that the work I do will help them to live as the highest version of themselves. To step out of old choices and patterns that do not lead anywhere they really want to go and to have a new joyfulness and clarity going forward.

As someone who has a great deal of personal experience with being dramatically overweight, I have special empathy and insight that when combined with the VGB protocol are proving to be life changing for my clients.

I am always happy to provide a free consultation to see how the work I do, could be beneficial to a potential client. Please contact me if you'd like to begin that conversation.

Personal Life

In my personal life, Elizabeth and I got married in August of 2012. We had known each other 38-years prior, but had lost contact for most of that time. We live on a farm in the country south of Grand Rapids, where a wide variety of animals have Beth to thank for rescuing them, or giving them a forever home with loving care. Of the 30+ animals in residence, I contributed one very talkative and entertaining parrot named Izzy who has been with me since 1988. She is happier than ever with all the attention and the great views.

Of the many hats that I've worn, the one I wear most proudly is the one that says "Dad" on the front. My son, an accomplished, professional bass trombonist, lives in Cincinnati, where he completed his Master's Degree in Music Performance at the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. 

My recently married daughter and her husband bought a house in Middleville last year.  She settled back in West Michigan after having been in Ukraine for 9-months in a Peace Corps related program after she completed a Master's Degree at Denver University.  Prior to that she spent 27-month in Peace Corps Romania.

But well beyond their accomplishments, they are and have been a source of great joy for their entire lives.

My Blog "The Road to Happyville"

I invite you to visit my blog The Road to Happyville to learn more about who I am and what makes me tick. It is an area that allows me to begin a process that is at the same time long overdue and perfect.  I have felt that there are stories of my life that could be helpful to others, and I’ve been urged by seen and unseen forces to begin writing for several years. 

Coming Soon

Along with Sheila Granger and Jody Morris I am one of a very small number of people in world who are licensed to provide Lifestyle Engineer Certification Training.

Plans are underway for Jody and I to begin offering this life-changing certification.  If you are interested in adding to your skills, and introducing LIfestyle Engineering to your practice, please contact me.  Please visit Elite Hypnosis Training Schools website for more information.   Click Here.


In the Media

I've been pleased to be interviewed on local television stations about the work I do as a Lifestyle Engineer.