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New Year Life Direction Akashic Record Consultation

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With a fresh new year dawning, it's the perfect time to schedule a consultation to look into your Akashic Record for insight on what the new year has in store, or what you may want to eliminate as you enter the new year.

Sessions are done in person, by phone or on Zoom
video teleconference platform from wherever you are.  

A recording of your session is provided upon completion.

New year life Direction special

Now through January 29, 2018

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Eric Webster, Lifestyle Engineer

A desire to be of service

I was excited to talk with Kim Carson on WZZM-13's My West Michigan about the work I do with non-surgical weight loss as a Lifestyle Engineer and Hypnotherapist.

The driving force in my practice is my overwhelming desire to be of service, to use the skills and gifts I've been blessed with to help others achieve greater outcomes for themselves.

It is my hope that whether a client comes for insight into their life and direction, or help with any sort of behavioral challenge (smoking, weight loss, anxiety, fears & phobias, etc.) that the work I do will help them to live as the highest version of themselves. To help them step out of old choices and patterns that do not lead anywhere they really want to go.  To have a new joyfulness and clarity going forward.

As someone who has a great deal of personal experience with being dramatically overweight, I have special empathy and insight that when combined with the VGB protocol are proving to be life changing for my clients.

I'm excited to announce that together with Dr. Dave Hillis and Jody Morris, we've formed Lifestyle Engineering Services, a training and coaching company.  We will begin in October of 2017 offering Lifestyle Engineer Certification training under a license agreement with Sheila Granger.  Upon completion.  , this 100+ hour classroom process will allow the successful graduate to achieve Certification from the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the United Kingdom.

Please use the contact section at the bottom of this page if you'd like additional information about upcoming training events.

I am always happy to provide a free consultation to see how the work I do, could be beneficial to you!  Please contact me if you'd like to begin that conversation.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of your mind to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

  It delivers very safe, very predictable results by resetting your relationship with eating and with food..


Start YOUR weight loss journey
and enjoy a 20% discount.

Offer expires January 15, 2018.  Book your 1st appointment before the special offer expires on January 15, and even if your 1st appointment is after the 15th, the discount applies.

Appointments booked starting on January 16th, will be at regular price.

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One of my favorites...enjoy this audio recording and more.

People's lives are being changed...

Your truthful guidance has been integral to the process of me finding my path and walking it one step at a time. I am so grateful to have your wisdom and experience to support me as I make my way in the world!
— Brian Relph